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About us

The IDeA Network is a global collective that was born from a desire to serve clients better by harnessing our shared philosophy and wide-ranging expertise to seamlessly deliver ground-breaking projects for our clients across many countries and cultures.

In a world of increasingly complex economic, environmental, health, and wellbeing challenges, we are a highly agile network, able to help clients with relevant, thought leading solutions.


Together we can deliver international best practice and make a positive difference to the way people interact with places and engage with the experiences within them.

We are a specialist group of architects, designers, planners and strategists, who collaborate and combine global experience and local knowledge to deliver award-winning projects that are international benchmarks.

1 Thought leadership

A dynamic network, working at the leading edge of our respective disciplines, bringing the latest contemporary thinking to provide forward looking solutions for clients.

2 'Glocal' knowledge

Local expertise and native speakers with support from the relevant global partners.

3 Holistic delivery

From initial vision and concept through to completed construction and everything in between.

4 Shared expertise

Complementary skill sets that integrate and support each other to form a unique offer.

5 World-class delivery

Multi-award-winning experience across all sectors.

6 Established and trusted relationships

Partnerships that have a proven track record of success.

7 Sustainability and resilience

Proactive proven track record of developing resilient and sustainable strategies to address contemporary economic, environmental, health and wellbeing challenges.

8 Diversity and inclusion

Recognising the value that all members of our global community can bring to the commissioning, design and implementation of our built environment and the importance of a truly inclusive and fully representative approach.